I am glad for the years of my life. They have made me what I am today – confident, strong, and wise. When I was young, I had none of these qualities, but as the years passed, my experiences developed these strengths.

Just as physical exercises make my body strong and healthy, years of experience are the exercises that build a strong mind and character.

Each experience brings me wisdom. I learn from both my successes and mistakes. Years of such bits of knowledge bring a wisdom that only thousands of experiences can bring.

I find I am so much more resilient to life’s ups and downs than I was when I was younger. Overcoming challenges and getting through hard times to see the light at the other end has provided a confidence that I can make it through any difficulty.

I also accept that challenges are simply a natural part of life, so they no longer shock or upset me as they may have done in my younger years. I strive to take action to improve my situation as I can, and then I continue to move forward without second thoughts.

I also have the wisdom to determine if something is truly important in the long run. I ask myself, “Will this make a difference five years from now?” My years of experience make answering this question a lot easier!

As a consequence of my years of experience, I am also calmer and more optimistic that things will turn out for the best.

Today, I plan to let the wisdom from my years of experience guide me in my decisions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I realize and rely on the wisdom I’ve gained from my years of life lived?
2. How have my experiences made me more resilient?
3. Do I appreciate the years of my life?