My decision to work outside of the home is the best choice for my family. As a working parent, I am able to provide a secure future for my family.

My family’s finances benefit from the work I do. I am saving for my children’s college tuition and other important expenses with my salary. I am able to responsibly plan for the future with my additional income.

I believe that my career is beneficial for my children’s social development. Sending my children to pre-school, daycare, or leaving them with a Nanny has innumerable benefits for their social development.

In pre-school, my children are exposed to a variety of people and activities that I would be unable to replicate at home. My children are learning the skills they need to prepare them for school.

There are people better trained than I whom I can trust with my children’s education. Staying involved in my children’s class allows me to participate in their accomplishments.

I am a better parent because of my job outside of the home. Having a place to go and a change of scenery helps me appreciate what I have when I am home.

My work keeps me feeling useful, valuable, and intelligent. When I come home from work, I feel refreshed and better able to enjoy my family time. It is to my family’s advantage for me to work outside of the home.

Today, I work because I want to. To me, the benefits of working outweigh the benefits of staying home. I am happy working outside of the home.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why do I work outside of the home?
2. How should I respond to criticism about my decision?
3. How do my children benefit from my career?