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Frequently asked questions:

How many viewers do you get to your TV and radio shows?

As of February 5, 2017, we are averaging approximately 7,000 viewers weekly or a total of 28,000 per month.  That number has doubled since late 2016 and is expected to at least double again over the next 60 days.  The expected increase in viewership is based on planned marketing campaigns that have been previously tested in the initial launch of our TV and radio programming.

How does my business appear in the mobile app?

Each participating business has it’s own profile in the browser based app.  That profile can feature a video introduction to your business, links to your website and social media accounts, your telephone number which can be autodialed from the profile and a special deal if you wish to offer one.

Consumers find you as they search the categories that interest them.

How do I know consumers who see my profile are part of my market?

Our mobile app has a geo-locator feature which displays your profile to consumers based on their proximity to you.  That means that only people who are close by and who could shop with you will see your profile.

Is there a monthly payment option?

Yes, after a small setup fee, you can advertise your business in our app for just $100.00 per month.  Or, you can pay annually and save the setup fee and an additional $100 for the year.

Where can viewers see your shows?

Our shows are aired live and pre-recorded on Facebook, a mobile broadcast network called Periscope, our Youtube channel and from our website.  We are also launching a channel for our shows on ROKU, an Internet television network that reaches over 32 million viewers across the country.

The Quick and Easy Way
to Reach Local Consumers!

Powerful marketing resources to get your business recognized!

The promotional video below is one of many ways your customers get introduced to you through the Village Connector Trade Exchange.  This commercial spot runs between our TV shows and as part of targeted Facebook ad campaigns.  Marketing your business through the Village Connector Trade Exchange makes you part of a multi-faceted marketing campaign that meets consumers wherever they go!

See how your customers are introduced to the Village Connector Trade Exchange.

The Investment for Village Connector Trade Exchange membership.

Big value doesn’t always carry a big price tag. We kept you in mind when pricing the Village Connector Trade Exchange for the benefit of local businesses.  Membership is available in two payment options – annually and lifetime (subject to availability).

Pay the one-time $100 set-up fee and then just $100 per month to have a month-to-month contract with us. We’re so confident about the value we offer that we’re happy to earn your business each and every month. You’re never locked into a long term relationship if it doesn’t work for you.

Pay the annual investment of just $997 in advance and we’ll waive the set-up fee – plus you save $200!  Under the annual plan, you also get a price lock guarantee. Your renewal will never be more than your initial payment, no matter what that fee increases to in the future.

If you would like to explore joining as membership, please call us today at (800) 306-6488 ext. 1.  We will be happy to explain your options based on your industry and where your business is located.

Early Adopter Bonuses
(Availability limited in each area we serve)

We have a vision and a commitment to serve local communities and we want to honor local business owners with that same vision and commitment.

As an incentive to become a charter member of the Village Connector Trade Exchange and to be showcased as such, we offer a limited number of local business owners the opportunity for lifetime membership in the program.

The one time investment for lifetime membership is just $997.  Other businesses in your area will pay a minimum of that amount annually to secure a membership.

A lot of quality, positive exposure for not a lot of money:

Your business on TV!

We promote the Village Connector Trade Exchange on our TV shows.

Facebook Ads - Social media ads

We promote the shows and the Village Connector Trade Exchange through social media ads, including an ongoing Facebook ad campaign.


Community Alliances

We attract traffic to all our programs including the Village Connector Trade Exchange through strategic alliances with other community organizations in the communities we serve.



We promote the Village Connector Trade Exchange at events we host and events we attend.


Email marketing

We use targeted email marketing to promote the Village Connector Trade Exchange to consumers.


Recruitment Drives

We use our television and radio network to encourage others to extend invitations to friends and family members to join the Village Connector Community, so we can connect them to you.


Contests and Giveaways

We promote the Village Connector Trade Exchange through contests and giveaways we host.


Free educational content

We promote the Village Connector Trade exchange by making available free educational content and resources.