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Frequently Asked Questions.

Does the annual membership include recording in the studio(s).
Your annual membership does not include personal studio time.  We offer that to you at a discounted rate of just $150.00/hr.  However, if you speak at one of our monthly events, the session will be recorded and your segment will be provided to you at no additional cost to you.


Is there an installment arrangement for the annual fee.
Most of our members pay the annual fee up front.  However, we do offer a 3 installment payment plan with your first payment due upon enrollment, and two additional payments due 30 and 60 days from enrollment.  The payments are $700.00/each.


How can I host my own events at the Village Connector Community.

Bureau members are eligible to schedule and host their own events for just $400 for a 4 hour block of time. That includes use of our event room, access to our coffee and water service and access to our break room for catering and food preparation support if you are serving food.  If you wish to have your event recorded or live streamed or both, studio time at the rate of $150/hr. would apply in addition to the room usage fee.


Can members collaborate to host an event jointly and pay just one fee for room rental and recording?
Absolutely!  In fact, we encourage that as our goal is to make simpler and cheaper for you to regularly host events and create greater awareness of what you have to offer the public.


I'm not local to Laurel, Maryland. Can I join the bureau?
Yes!  Our members come from all over the country and all over the world.  Flying in to speak at our events is still more cost effective than hosting one in your own community, especially when you consider the cost of promotion, venue rental, videography services, and live streaming capability.