Uncertainty is a necessary part of growing and developing into the person I was intended to be. While it may feel comforting to have certainty in my environment, direction, and work, it also means that I am no longer pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.

Because I want to be the best person I can possibly be, I accept uncertainty as an inevitable byproduct of risk and growth.

Uncertainty does not sway me from my plans because I have used my intelligence and the counsel of wise mentors to decide which avenue is right for me. Because I avoid impulse and make decisions wisely, I am confident that uncertainty is simply a part of the journey that I need to overcome in order to discover all that is before me.

I ignore thoughts that tell me that uncertainty is a sign of imminent failure. On the contrary, I view uncertainty as a sign of positive change that leads me to a more fulfilling life.

I may make mistakes, but I remain open to the lessons I can learn from them, knowing that I will thrive only by remaining open to uncertainty.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I look at uncertainty as friend or foe?
2. How might I be a better person by accepting uncertainty?
3. How do I deal with thoughts of uncertainty?