I am anchored in truthfulness. When communicating with others, I am as truthful as possible while still remaining respectful.

I try to steer away from situations that would require me to be deceitful. I live a fine life as a good person. Therefore, I am free from the burden of being forced to shimmy my way out of situations without being truthful.

If I do something wrong, I admit to my mistakes. If I am faced with a situation where taking the easy way out would include lying, I always choose the road which bases itself on honesty. There are consequences for every action; therefore I live my life while walking on a path that I feel comfortable with.

There are a few exceptions where I may not speak the entire truth to spare the feelings of another. I am aware of the fact that some situations are better off when I find something positive to say, instead.

Living a truthful life means adhering to my obligations, being a trustworthy person, and being straightforward in my interactions with others. It does not mean using the truth as a battering ram to assault or criticize.

Today, I speak honestly and with integrity. I know right from wrong, and I use my moral compass to help me base my interactions with others on truth.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are my interactions based on honesty and integrity?
2. Do I know how to choose my moments to speak honestly?
3. Am I confident enough to speak honestly in most situations?