I believe in teamwork and that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. I know that the best way to build a strong team is to trust my teammates. This trust goes a long way in ensuring loyalty from everyone on the team.

As the leader of my team, I embrace my responsibility to allow them to prove themselves. I am a good leader because of my approach. My team members feel inspired and motivated when I show that I trust them.

At work, I sometimes feel concerned that a team member might be incapable of doing a task. But I acknowledge that trust is both critical and motivating, so I delegate tasks with the utmost confidence in their ability.

I am a good leader because I know which team members to trust with specific responsibilities. To the best of my ability, I match team members with tasks that I know they can do well and then trust them to do a great job.

Today, I continue to show trust in those on my team. I recognize that I am viewed as a good leader when I show team players that I am confident in their abilities. I embrace the strengths of others and assign responsibilities to them that showcase those strengths.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I react when a trusted team member does not succeed at a task I have trusted them to accomplish?
2. Do my team members trust me?
3. What more can I do to show others that I trust them?