In today’s world of business, getting a promotion can be challenging. There are more things to think of than just doing your job for a long time until your seniority earns you a promotion. Competition can be tough. In addition, modern technology and social media both provide information about you that can make or break your dreams of getting that promotion.

Take advantage of these strategies to get noticed and outshine your competition:

1. Remain active in your career. It’s easy to fall into a comfortable pattern at work and forget to think about the future. Even if you’re a good worker who makes steady progress, it may not be enough for a promotion.

* Keep your career goals in mind and grow your value to your company.

* Pursue all of the opportunities that you can. Volunteer for crucial projects. Show your team spirit by helping out your coworkers when they need assistance.

2. Invest in yourself and your career. Are you investing time, money, and effort into your future?

* You can advance in your career by taking steps that show management you’re interested in learning. Take classes, get another degree, earn certifications, or attend conferences. You can even find courses for free online that help increase your skills.

* Your company may offer training materials. Take advantage of these trainings and learn all you can about your company and everything that you can do for them.

3. Pay attention to your social media interactions. Social media can have a big impact on your ability to get a promotion.

* Employers check your social media accounts to ensure you’re not complaining about the company or doing other negative things. Any posts you make could be analyzed by your employer. Negative comments can hurt you and your future.

4. Examine how you use company devices and technology. Does your company provide you with a free computer or phone? Are you following the company guidelines for these devices?

* Companies often provide employees with phones, tablets, computers and other tools to help them work.

* However, they usually have strict rules for how these devices should be used. They might even install tracking software that reveals how you misuse your devices. If you’re not following the rules, your behavior could destroy your chances for a promotion.

5. Consider the security cameras. The funny prank you think you can pull off may hurt your future and prevent a promotion. Many companies have security cameras that can capture your pranks and other behavior. You may not be able to see these cameras, and the company may not have to reveal their locations if they’re in a public space.

* A silly prank or misuse of office supplies can have big consequences on your promotion plans.

* You can jeopardize your entire career by forgetting that your office may have multiple cameras. These cameras may be turned on 24 hours a day and could be monitored remotely by staff you’ll never meet.

* Cameras can capture your behavior and make your employer question your ability to handle a promotion.

Today’s employers look at multiple factors before they make a promotion decision. Increase your chances for being the one they choose by considering how your employer views you.