When I am by myself, I relish in the moment. I know that my time is needed by my family and friends throughout the course of most days, so I use every opportunity I get to enjoy my alone time.

During my alone time, I am able to create. I use those moments to think of ideas for bettering a situation. It is during those moments that I arrive at solutions to problems I am facing, or which are being faced by others around me.

When I am alone, I treat myself well. I focus on pampering myself and exposing my being to treatments of relaxation. Sometimes I treat myself to a day at the spa or a trip to the ocean, knowing that I deserve the very best.

I use my alone time to contemplate existing relationships. It is when I am alone that I am quietest and in deepest thought. My thought process allows me to be honest with myself and make decisions about the relationships I ought to keep and those I should let go of.

Today, I know that being alone is not the same as being lonely. I commit to using my alone time to connect with myself and reflect. I celebrate that opportunity instead of looking at it as something negative. I know my time alone helps to make me a better person.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I ever feel lonely when I am not in the company of others?
2. Does my mood improve when I am able to spend some alone time?
3. Do I cherish time with special people as much as I cherish alone time?