I view life as a series of adventures. In order to discover new knowledge and have new experiences, I nurture my initiative. To me, initiative is the capacity to “step out of the box” and do something new, daring and exciting.

Showing initiative makes life more interesting. When I have an idea, I think it through and then jump in. Demonstrating an adventurous nature and a sense of doing things on my own is a characteristic that I am proud of.

Another way I view initiative is the ability to work on my own in a diligent, organized fashion. I believe that having initiative means I can start right in on a work project and figure out what needs to be done and how to do it.

Showing I know the steps of how to do something and carrying them out is a demonstration of my initiative. My co-workers see that I have the initiative to accomplish what is necessary.

Even at home, I start right in on tasks and follow them through to completion. With initiative, I can boldly step up and work through the project at hand. Showing initiative helps me be successful in whatever I do.

Today, I plan to think of recent examples when I demonstrated initiative in a task or project. I feel pleased about how well I show initiative to others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I show initiative at work? At home?
2. What are some recent situations when I showed initiative?
3. What can I do to show more initiative?