Welcome to the “New Media” – The People’s Prosperity Network

Village Connector Community is an Internet TV and radio network that focuses on producing TV and radio shows that help people learn more, do more and be more.  Our focus on personal development allows anyone who joins our community to access informatoni and resources that help them reach their full potential as individuals and then learn to combine their talents with others for their own benefit and for the benefit of others.

Click the images below to view and listen to our TV and radio shows.

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Village Connector Radio

Village Connector Radio is the voice of the Village.  Tune in for community updates.

For Book Lovers Only Live Radio

Join in for interviews with talented authors and reviews of amazing books.

Elite Conversations Unplugged

Join Darrell Spears for interviews with experts and business professionals on business topics.

Live To Day Health Talk

An informative and entertaining discussion on health and wellness.

Vets N Transition

Hear the stories of our military members as they return from service to civilian life.

Capital Academy

Robust education and business discussion on raising capital in business.

Elemental Abundance Radio

Join Mia Zachary on a journey through the world of new age thought and abundance.

The Pathfinder Show

Join Toni Gorman for conversations with people that speak to mind, body and spirit.

Keep it Hyperlocal

Learn the latest and best strategies and technologies for selling to local consumers.

Idea Success TV

Find out how to take your ideas and thoughts into action and convert them to profit.

TLCI Radio

Take a glimpse into the future of education and learn how to equip your child to thrive.