I rise above the negative effects of disorganization by prioritizing my life. Assigning value to certain things helps me determine what matters most and which task needs to be completed first.

I break the habit of procrastinating by ordering my responsibilities. When I make a list of things to do, I sort them based on due date and level of importance. I prioritize the tasks on my to-do list so that I can complete them in a timely manner.

Organizing my life initially requires time, thought, and energy but in the end, it rewards me with more time, thought, and energy as I increase in efficiency.

I am stronger than the urge to put things off until the last minute. I speak to myself with logic and consider the long-term benefits of staying on task. I prefer a longer, higher quality time of rest than constant breaks of purposeless inactivity. So I avoid time-wasting activities in order to achieve the task at hand.

I refuse to wait until the last minute to get going on a task because it prevents me from doing my best. Organizing myself allows me to produce better quality work. Prioritizing is my weapon against mediocrity because it produces excellence.

I prefer to work hard first and play later rather than enjoy myself first and leave my duties to the last minute. Relaxation is much more enjoyable when I have completed my responsibilities than when they are hanging over my head.

Today, I choose to prioritize my duties, organize myself with a plan of action, and get right to work so that I can enjoy a relaxing break when my work is complete.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What areas of my life could use some prioritizing?
2. Why is it better to work hard first and play later?
3. How do I feel when I procrastinate?