Negotiation is one of my strengths.

Being able to negotiate is a valuable gift. It helps me to get the most ideal outcome from situations. I constantly sharpen my negotiation skills so I improve with each interaction.

When I am at work, I do a good job collaborating with others. A big part of my success with teamwork is my ability to meet others halfway.

Although I am in charge of my team, I avoid placing less emphasis on their viewpoint. I take the time to listen to their perspective and provide workable counter proposals. This approach allows me to drive success while still having the support of my team.

My family interactions also require negotiation. When my kids try to use pity to sway my decisions, I counteract that with striking a compromise.

I enjoy teaching my children the importance of balancing both sides. When I am able to teach them to be fair, I know I am effectively negotiating. The values they learn from those lessons are priceless. I feel like they are developing good negotiation skills.

When tough situations arise suddenly, I go into negotiation mode. I avoid getting flustered. I think quickly on my feet to find a way out. That often involves arriving at an acceptable bargaining position.

Today, I am ready to take on situations that require negotiation. When I am able to work out deals with others, it shows that I am an effective communicator.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I respond when my attempt at negotiation yields unfavorable outcomes?
  2. What situations am I in right now that could benefit from negotiating?
  3. What can I do to sharpen my negotiation skills?