My passion for my work is evident in the results I produce. I complete my work with excellence because I utilize my talents to benefit my career. In everything I do, I give one hundred percent effort.

My endeavors are worthy of esteem because they are of superior quality. The ideas I set forth are innovative and unique. Others are intrigued by the work I perform because it reflects my creativity.

I feel confident about people showing interest in my performance because I am proud of the product I put forth. I finish my work thoroughly, without cutting corners. In all of my endeavors, I do my personal best.

I receive well-deserved admiration with grace and humility. I thank people profoundly when they make positive comments about the job I do. I refrain from bragging about my accomplishments because the quality of my work speaks on its own.

When I look at my work, I feel proud of my achievements and grateful for the talent I am given. With gratitude, I remember the people in my life who influenced me to become who I am.

I embrace the admiration of others as recognition for my hard work. Without becoming arrogant, I enjoy when others speak positively about my work. This is because one of the main reasons I engage in any endeavor is to benefit others.

Today, I choose to accept the admiration of others with humble confidence. I continue to make the most of my talents in order to produce work worthy of praise.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I respond to praise?
2. Why do I believe my work should be admired?
3. How do I feel when people compliment my work?