My career is a source of great satisfaction to me. Others see my passion and respond well to me because of it. I may be naturally good at my career or I may have selected it as a perpetual challenge. Either way, I am valued in my career.

I trust that my career skills are useful to me and others. My natural skills serve me and others well. And the skills I cultivate grow in their value every day and each time I use them.

I am confident that others see the worth in my career.

At work, I radiate joy. Others respond well to me because I am happy with what I do. They value what I do because I value it.

I work hard to do the very best job I can. My quality work advances my career and garners the positive attention of others. Because of my team spirit, I even inspire my co-workers to do a great job as well.

Today, I trust that what I have to offer the world is valuable.

My career is just one aspect of this, but it is an important one. Each day, I do something small to further my career, and I watch my rewards grow.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways is my career valuable to me?
2. In what ways does it provide value to others?
3. What things do I like best about my career? How can I make more time for them?