Having a career brings richness to my life. Knowing I can be productive and help others fills me with feelings of contentment and raises my self-esteem. I smile to myself as I realize how much my work sustains me.

Although I recognize that not every job I have had has brought me feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction, I also see that my attitude and approach to my work largely determines how I feel about the job.

Knowing that I can largely choose how a job makes me feel brings me reassurance and hope. Because of this, when I think about my job, my mind goes to a comfortable place.

Even on days when things may be hectic or annoying at work, I reflect on the positive aspects of my job and feel grateful to be there.

Being fulfilled in my work gives me feelings of dignity and self-respect. I view my job as something that many people would want in their lives. I am “the lucky one” who has work and is able to receive pay for a job well done.

Today, I am pleased to have my job. I intend to put my all into my work. In so many ways, my work fulfills me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel about my job?
2. What can I do to ensure that I feel a sense of fulfillment from my work?
3. Do I actively pursue employment that will sustain me and make me feel content and happy? If not, why not?