I am a pleasure to be around because I exude wit and charm on a regular basis. I love the impact my personality traits have on my relationships and the outcome of situations.

I am the life of the party without being comical. When I enter a room, it lights up with my charisma and sincere smile. People easily warm up to me because they see that my expressions are genuine and deep-rooted. I welcome the point of view of others with open arms.

I like to make others smile and even laugh. I pay keen attention to the emotions of people around me and do what I can to make their world brighter. This trait makes it easy for them to draw closer to me.

I am a happier person because I appreciate the lighter side of life.

I love how I feel when I do kind things for others, especially my loved ones. I take pleasure in being respectful and accommodating without being overbearing.

Today, I can truly say that I am naturally a “people person.” I embrace the thoughts and words of others. My love for life comes out in my day-to-day interactions and I strive to maintain that mindset.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Does my charm assist me in being successful at ventures I undertake?
2. How can I maintain my wit even when I’m feeling low?
3. Do I welcome the personalities of others even if they are not aligned with mine?