My strength lies in being honest and true to others.

My honesty precedes me. As I walk the road of life, I recognize the importance of being true to others. As a result, I reap a reciprocal reward: strength of character. Upholding my integrity gives me more pride than anything else.

The honest feedback I give to those around me allows me to be true to myself and to them. In turn, this results in building strong bonds of trust between us. I know that trust cannot be bought, only earned, and the only way to gain it is through direct, candid and heartfelt feedback.

Even when honest words and actions seem to hurt the recipients, I stand by my sentiments with conviction. There is no hiding from the truth. My conscience permeates every part of me, and only allows me to be truthful in thought, word, and deed.

Honor is more than just a word to me; it dictates every thought, word and action I put out into the world. This is the difference between peace of mind and emotional chaos. Warm feelings flow strong within me when I am sincere with loved ones because they respect the fact that my words come from a sincere and caring place.

Today, I promise myself that truthfulness reigns in my life, regardless of the impact. I embrace the strength and the power I feel when I am honest, and I know that nothing compares to that feeling. My heart, mind and soul are at ease because I act, speak, and think with integrity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When I think my family makes mistakes, why is telling them so valuable to them and to me?
  2. How does my honesty encourage other positive character traits in me and in others?
  3. What happens in my heart when my actions are not a reflection of my integrity?