I am very aware of my strengths and exude confidence when those strengths are called upon to support me and propel me forward. I know what I am capable of and believe in my natural abilities.

I am confident in me.

I consider myself a go-getter and a high achiever. Even when faced with insecurities, I exhibit the self-confidence to push through. I rarely allow those feelings to get in the way of the knowledge I need to master something new. Acquiring the knowledge paves the way to developing the skills.

In any new experience, my self-confidence conquers my doubts. I allow others to see the kind of confidence that says, “I can do this!” When they see my confidence, they also feel more secure.

I know that my confidence overshadows any inexperience I may have.

Today, I remind myself that life is what you make it. I know that anything I want to achieve is mine for the taking if I simply believe in myself. I am testimony to the fact that self-confidence knocks down any obstacles in the way of achievement.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Does my self-confidence come off as arrogance to others?
2. Do I recover quickly after a door is closed on me?
3. How can I teach others to embrace their inner strengths?