Even as an adult, it’s important to nurture my relationship with my parents. I am a self-sufficient person: I pay my own bills, tend to my responsibilities, and maintain a fulltime job. However, my relationship with my parents is still a priority.

I call my parents often to check in on them and let them know about the current happenings in my life. This reassures my parents that I love them and that I’m doing well. Considering their feelings helps me strengthen my relationship with them.

Many people significantly abandon the relationship with their parents once they leave home. However, I choose to keep my parents in my life because they are my closest friends.

My parents love me unconditionally, always have my best interests in mind, and would do anything to see that I am safe and happy. To me, this is the mold for an ideal friendship.

Like all good friends, they express their concern, but my parents understand that the path I choose is mine to determine, and I respect them greatly for willingly giving me this space. By living responsibly, I ensure that my parents understand that I am an adult.

Today, I tell my parents that they are my best friends. Through thick and thin, my parents are always by my side and their presence is invaluable to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I maintain a close relationship with my parents?
2. How can I adapt my schedule to spend more quality time with my parents?
3. Do my in-laws receive an equal amount of attention as my own parents?