I set challenging goals. I clarify my priorities and focus on meaningful activities. I am specific about what I want to achieve, and excited about reaching my potential. My sense of accomplishment grows. I enjoy the positive changes that I make in my life.

I take a first step. Big projects become manageable when I start out gradually.

I track my progress. Evaluating my actions helps me to focus my efforts. I keep a log of my activities. I ask others for input. I make midcourse adjustments.

I prepare for setbacks. When I feel tired or run into complications, I remember that success could be right around the corner. I keep plugging away even if it means taking a fresh approach.

I seek inspiration. I read success stories about others who have dealt with dilemmas like my own. I tell myself that if they can do it, so can I.

I reward myself for my efforts. It may take a while for me to lose weight or complete a degree. In the meantime, I create things that I can look forward to like a night out at the movies or an exotic piece of fruit.

I celebrate small victories. Each success keeps me coming back for more. I can see that my modest changes are starting to add up.

Today, I jump out of bed eager to greet the day. I feel enthusiastic and energetic about plunging ahead.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can you make your own momentum?
2. What is one inspirational quote that motivates you when you are feeling low?
3. What is the relationship between motivation and commitment?