I look forward to each day as a chance to be a positive example for others. I know the world can be a better place if love abounds, and I believe that the best way to spread the love begins with my own behavior.

When I am faced with difficult circumstances, I know that I have the choice to react negatively or positively. I choose to enhance my wellbeing by choosing hope and curiosity over anxiety or apprehension.

When I stay optimistic about situations, I immediately recognize how differently I feel. I am completely relaxed, without tension in my shoulders and chest. My focus increases, and my mind is clear enough to make rational decisions.

My positive reaction to unfavorable circumstances serves as a beacon of hope and provides a memorable example to those around me. I know that I can have a huge impact on others’ lives simply by displaying encouraging behavior in the midst of crises. I embrace the power I have within to make positive changes in the world.

Also, I take pride in being a positive example. I relish every opportunity I have to show other people that life’s rewards can truly be theirs. The long, arduous road is often the one that reaps the most memorable experiences. I find that most people are willing to take that path if they see someone else who has done so with success.

Today, my life continues to be a positive example. The things I do and say today help to make the world a better place. I embrace my part in allowing positivity to flow freely through me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can my optimistic thinking or behavior influence my family and friends?
2. Are there lessons in positivity to be learned from negative experiences?
3. What can I do today to cultivate positive thoughts?