In my home, forgiveness is strongly encouraged and frequently practiced. It is one of the bonds that keep our family together and strong.

Forgiveness takes us back to square one and wipes the slate clean. It reminds us why we’re called family and builds our resolve to stay together.

I implore my family to always forgive each other’s wrongdoings before going to bed at night. I express the importance of recognizing that each moment with loved ones could be the last and so it must be cherished and spent well.

My family understands that and appreciates the time we spend together.

I love the feeling of togetherness that I sense when my family members forgive each other. Forgiveness lets us know that, even in the midst of disagreement, the love of family holds us together. I believe in the love shared amongst family members.

My home is a haven for forgiveness. I ensure that my family members know that no disagreement should be prolonged. Peace and harmony reigns in our household regardless of the circumstances.

I encourage family members to make our household a positive example for others to follow.

Today, I commit to ensuring that my home is a haven for forgiveness. I exemplify forgiveness and stress to my family the importance of forgiving those closest to us so our bond can continue to remain strong.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is it easy for me to forgive a family member who has wronged me?
2. How do I handle instances when one family member continues to offend the other even after being forgiven the first time?
3. Do I encourage family members to forgive and forget?