Life is good! I can barely wait to wake up to a new day each morning.

Looking back on my time in the trenches, working my way up the ladder, reminds me how “slow and steady wins the race.” I am living proof that hard work and dedication is the road to success. While working in the mines, I seem to have struck gold!

I have a loving family, a breathtaking spouse, and a beautiful home. Each time I take a look at my family, I reflect on my accomplishments.

My family is content. If my children wish to attend Ivy League universities, they can do so because I live my today for their tomorrow. My spouse and I can make purchases without having to first check our bank balance.

Though I am successful now, an even greater future awaits me.

Rather than rest on the laurels of my past achievements, I learn from my experiences how to turn my dreams into reality. One by one, I work toward my goals and persevere until I attain them. Then I make new goals and work toward those. It’s a sure-fire formula for success!

Today, I look to my future with excitement and confidence, for tomorrow holds endless possibilities. New opportunities arise each and every day. All I need to do is reach out and make them mine.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I allow my fears to stop me from being successful?
2. Am I happy in my current situation? If not, what can I do to change my reality?
3. Have I actively pursued success or have I simply contemplated doing so?