I can always count on my family’s support and guidance in keeping me on my chosen path. I am certain that their love for me keeps me grounded.

When the challenges of life confront me, sometimes my natural instinct is to react negatively, and I am tempted to say and do things I might regret later on. But my family members save the day by showing me the right path to take.

When I am successful in my endeavors, I feel proud of myself for my achievements. My family celebrates my success, but they also help keep me from feeling too arrogant or self-righteous.

My family is quick to remind me that blessings can be taken away quicker than they are received if I am ungraceful or lack gratitude for them.

If I need advice, I always find wise and encouraging feedback from my family. I trust that they can understand my point of view but also feel comfortable enough to tell me a difficult truth. I know every criticism I receive is for my own benefit.

Today, I appreciate the support and honesty of my family members. I recognize that, without them, I could easily wander off in negative directions. I commit to accepting their criticism as an effort to be helpful. Their support builds my character.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are my family members as open to my honesty as I am to theirs?
2. Have there been times when I chose not to listen to their advice and ended up in a bad position?
3. Do I encourage others to embrace the opinions of their family?