My inner strength comes from the strength of my family unit. The people I consider family form a power source from which I can pull in times of need. Whichever part of my being that is drained can be recharged when I envelop myself in family.

I can lean on my family for support during hard times. When I feel like I am about to break, my family members serve as a crutch to keep me upright.

My family allows me to heal while leaning on them for support, until I am strong enough to walk on my own again.

When I am faced with spiritual or physical challenges, I know I can rely on the virtues of my family members to help me overcome the obstacles. If I need a listening ear, some constructive advice or tough love, I know I can get it from my family. I also know that every bit of assistance I get is for my own good.

My family is synonymous with trust. I trust them and they trust me. I am part of a unit that feels comfortable expressing anything because of the honesty that stands behind it.

Today, I am the person I am largely because of the influence of family. I know I can rely on family for support, strength and honest expression. I am glad that my well-being is their priority and I feel confident to take any step with the knowledge that their support is behind me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I capable of making decisions or taking steps without the help of my family?
2. What happens if the advice I receive from family does not produce the outcome I expect?
3. How can I support other members of my family?