I speak words of encouragement to my loved ones every chance I get. In a world filled with so much negativity and criticism, it is my responsibility to build up those around me.

Positive words overflow in my speech. I think great thoughts toward my loved ones and I believe that there is greatness within them. I motivate my family members to reach new heights and to try new things.

Finding something positive to say is easy for me. I look at people with eyes full of grace, which is the way I would like for others to look at me.

I speak sincere words of affirmation to my family because I love them and want to see them achieve their best. My words are like a trampoline on which their dreams bounce off and reach new heights.

Pointing out the negative is worthless; instead, I look for and focus on anything well done. When I speak words of encouragement to my loved ones, they are filled with a desire to perform even better. The more positivity I speak, the more they improve!

My loved ones respect what I have to say because I am sincere. I enjoy motivating people to achieve success in every area of their lives.

I am like a cheerleader to my family. They can count on me to attend important events and to be part of special moments in their lives.

Whenever my loved ones experience difficulty in their lives, they feel safe coming to me for advice. I am always ready to offer my loving encouragement.

Today, I choose to speak positively to my family and refrain from criticism by focusing on good things.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I be more encouraging?
2. Which of my family members needs an encouraging word today?
3. Do I build up my family members with my speech and actions?