There is nothing in this world sweeter than the sound of my children’s laughter. The sound of their sincere laugh carries a melody of peace that saturates the air all around them.

My children’s laughter is like a love song they sing to life. Their zest for life is contagious. It doesn’t take much to make my children laugh; they giggle at everything! Regardless of what is going on in their day, they can put aside their problems and laugh out loud.

I make time to enjoy my children daily and listen to their laughter. I watch them throw their heads back, squint their eyes, and open their mouths to laugh until they are out of breath.

When I spend time laughing with my kids, I allow my worries to melt away. My children teach me that life is fun and you can laugh about anything.

I make my children laugh as much as I can. I let them make me laugh too. A tickle fight is the best way to release stress after a long day. When all is said and done, laughter is what memories are made of.

Sharing a laugh with my children is worth more than anything money can buy. My children might forget the clothes they wore and the toys they had, but they will always remember the times we laid on the floor and laughed.

Today, I choose to pause my routine and focus on the melodic sound of my children’s laughter.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When was the last time I stopped to listen to my children’s laughter?
2. How can I infuse laughter into all areas of my life?
3. What are my best memories of laughing as a child?