I demonstrate love to my children through my loving language. I chose my words carefully and speak with a firm, yet gentle, tone of voice.

My words have an everlasting effect on my children. Through my expressions of love, I have the power to speak life to my children and to encourage their dreams. My goal is to build up my children with every conversation we have.

As a parent, I set the standard for how my children treat themselves and how they demand others to treat them. I use every opportunity to affirm them because I am their biggest cheerleader.

There are days when I am physically drained, but I still respond to my children with love and gentleness. I make every effort to avoid snapping or yelling at my kids; instead, I take a deep breath and regain my calmness before I respond.

My children feel safe when they come near me because they trust me as their protector. I have sweet nicknames for my kids that I use out of love. Offensive name-calling is banned from my vocabulary.

When I interact with my children, I am slow to anger and quick to forgiveness. I give my children the benefit of the doubt in every situation, allowing them a chance to express their point of view without judgment.

Today, I write on the blank pages of my children’s life story with beautiful words. I wrap them physically, emotionally, and verbally in a warm embrace where they feel loved and accepted.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What tone of voice do I normally use with my children?
2. How have the words of my own parents affected my life?
3. What am I teaching others about how they should treat my children?