My personal best is good enough in any situation. Passion is all that is required for me to succeed. I am proud of myself when I give my all because my best is all I’ve got to offer.

I refrain from comparing myself to others, because there will always be someone more talented than me. Yet, the strength to succeed is found within me and I am equipped with all I need to accomplish my purpose in life.

I am capable of cheering for those who are better than me at something with genuine sincerity. My pride is impenetrable by feelings of inadequacy.

I refuse to demand more from myself than what I can produce. While I push myself to go beyond my expectations, I also know my limitations. I respect myself enough to accept my weaknesses.

My loved ones are a source of encouragement; they love me for who I am. I am ridding myself of the company of people who cannot be satisfied. A healthy mentality is worth more than the admiration of insatiable people.

Regardless of what happened in my past to make me feel insecure, I understand today that my best is more than good enough. I accept myself just the way I am.

Today, I choose to celebrate the person that I am. I am content with my life, knowing that I always give my best.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I set realistic expectations for myself?
2. What is the driving force behind my actions?
3. Why is it important to refrain from comparing myself to others?