I have a healthy balance between work and home because I set clear limits for myself. I take control of my workday by asking myself, “How much is too much?”

I refrain from overworking because, after a certain point, it is counterproductive.

When I am well rested, I complete tasks within a shorter period, thus maximizing my use of time. When my thoughts are clear, I can come up with valuable ideas.

Limiting my number of hours at work relieves me from undue stress. I attract calmness, peace, and productivity into my life by bringing order to my schedule.

To maintain my efficiency at home and work I refrain from bringing work home. I schedule my business trips during the week so I can be free to spend time with my family on the weekends.

My evenings are reserved for my family. I keep evening obligations to a minimum because I am committed to being present for dinner every night. If I must schedule appointments in the evening, I space them with a few days in between.

My boundaries are liberating. By living within these self-established limits, I make stress powerless against me. I am diligent at work because I am well rested. I enjoy my family time without worrying about work. In both scenarios, I am a winner.

Today, I choose to set unmovable boundaries between my work life and home life. By honestly reflecting on the driving force behind my actions, I reassign my time to the things that matter most.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I set clear boundaries at work?
2. How can I organize my schedule better?
3. Am I as equally devoted to family as I am to my work?