Initiating conversations is easy for me.

The ability to have informative and satisfying conversations with others is a wonderful skill. I am so glad that I have this ability. I feel quite confident that I can talk to almost anyone.

Even when I am in an awkward social situation, I can approach people and know what to say. Language comes easily to me, and I am well-received by others.

When I find myself in a group of unfamiliar people, first I observe them. I notice whether some of them are talking to one another and who looks uncomfortable. Then I approach the one who seems most uneasy.

I start a conversation with him because I want to help him de-focus from his feelings of discomfort. Also, I am always glad to meet someone new and maybe even begin a friendship.

I take the attitude that I never know what good things might come of the next conversation I initiate.

Speaking to new people is an adventure. I might learn something. I may discover that I already have some type of connection with the person. At the very least, I may add someone new to my social network.

Today, I feel proud that I can verbally make connections with others and intend to do so as often as possible.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I easily initiate conversations with other people?
  2. What types of situations enable me to more easily engage with others?
  3. How can I ensure that in the future, I start conversations with other people, rather than wait for them to talk to me?