Because I recognize that having a list of rules is not enough to ensure healthy behavior, I utilize self-care methods rather than relying on self-control.

I realize I have come to the point where I must stand on my own two feet as an adult.

I cherish the relationships I have with others, but I have let go of the idea that I must have someone to nurture me so I can be healthy. I am an adult and I can nurture myself. I no longer waste time and energy seeking out parental substitutes and, instead, focus on being my own best friend and advocate.

I am understanding of myself when I fail. I recognize where I started and how far I have come. Like a good parent, I don’t expect perfection upfront. I take the time to analyze situations and develop strategies for improvement next time.

I reward myself when I do well. The reward may be extravagant or miniscule, but I am still fully aware of the importance of recognizing my successes.

Just as I would nurture and support my children’s successes, I do the same for me. In doing so, I renew my energy and set myself up for continued success in the future.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I give myself as much nurturing as I need?
2. Do I engage in self-care or self-control?
3. How can I best reward and nurture myself today?