I trust in the love and support of my family because I know that we are bonded far deeper and more permanently than any mere friendship.

We have a common history and heritage with intertwined memories and dreams. Our past, present and future are linked with each other. For these reasons, I make the relationship within my family a priority.

I acknowledge that sometimes we see less than eye-to-eye on matters, yet the fact that we are interconnected for life gives me the security to dig deep and work toward understanding and solutions.

While I sometimes wish I could pick and choose my family as I do my friends, I know that relating to my own kin develops far more depth to my character. In the end, it’s my family who will stick by me when the going gets tough.

I invest in the valuable bonds of my family relationships by addressing conflict when it arises rather than allowing it to simmer. I value our relationship far too highly to allow it to be corroded that way.

I also deepen our bonds when I simply spend time with them. I don’t need an excuse to have dinner with them, go shopping together, break out the board games, or simply sit and chat.

When I am with my family, I can be myself. I treasure that and do whatever I can to build on it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I show my family that they are a priority to me?
2. When did I last spend time with my family for no particular reason?
3. When can I next spend some time with my family?