Taking a step away from my normal daily routines is good for my spirit. Shaking my schedule up a bit to allow more time for myself enables me to realign my soul with my outer being and resume living according to my belief system.

I recognize how easy it is to lose track of myself when I become consumed with the events and activities of everyday life. I see how I can start to neglect the simple parts of living that contribute to a harmonious existence. This awareness reminds me to consciously take action to keep myself on track with my true goals and desires.

When I take time away from daily life, I get the opportunity to close my eyes, breathe deeply, and do some meaningful soul searching.

I take a moment to re-consider what I value in life and determine if I have lost sight of those things.

I make it a point to renew and reinforce my commitment to the things I value most, so I can go back to living in a place that makes me happiest. I get the opportunity to re-focus on what I really want to accomplish in life and how I want to accomplish it.

Today, I remind myself of the importance of renewal in allowing me to live the life I desire. I commit to taking time to re-generate the positive attributes and values that may have lost their place in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How often do I really stop and take a moment to experience renewal?
2. Do I find myself relating differently to people after I return from my time away?
3. Is it easy for me to rebuild parts of my belief system that become broken down during day-to-day exploits?