I have a bulletproof plan for success and it keeps me fulfilled and motivated all along the way! It is my road map and every small task I accomplish is one step on the road to attaining my goals.

I divide every major goal in my life into a series of smaller goals that lead up to it. Then I divide each of the smaller goals into a series of small, attainable tasks.

Once I take the time to figure out the smaller goals and tasks, I have a sure-fire plan for success. All I need to do is dive right in!

I schedule some quick and easy tasks for the beginning so that even large projects can be easily started. This helps me build my focus and momentum. Once I get going like this, it’s easier to keep going, even when challenges arise. I have the momentum to solve the problem and continue on.

I keep my plan flexible so that small detours around a challenge can still get me to my destination.

So in my plan, every task completed – every small achievement – is something to be proud of. Each task is an integral part of my journey to success. When I complete even the smallest one, I celebrate my victory.

Today, I intend to figure out my detailed plan for success and then I jump right in to achieve those small victories on my journey.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my plan for success?
2. What small steps can I put at the beginning to get me started right away?
3. Do I feel proud of myself for my small achievements?