I stop to reflect before I take action. This gives me time to decide the most appropriate path to take. In this way, I can act instead of react, make thoughtful decisions, and plan my work so I can work my plan.

I find that pausing my busy life long enough for reflection rejuvenates and refreshes my body and mind. With renewed energy, I go further and get there faster!

I let go of the desire to be like a machine that works 24/7. Pushing myself to meet impossible goals is harmful for both my mind and body. On top of this, unrealistic expectations set me up for failure, instead of success. I prefer success, so I take the time to stop and re-charge.

To this end, I pray and meditate daily.

My time with my Creator refreshes my spirit, while my time spent in meditation rejuvenates my mind and emotions. Meditation relieves my stress and enables me to let go of worries. Visualizing success and joy inspires and motivates me to continue moving toward my goals with renewed passion.

At the end of each day, I am sure to stop long enough to get a good night’s rest. This gives my mind the time it needs to process the day’s events and be ready for another. It gives my body the time to rejuvenate itself all the way down to the cellular level so I can be in tip-top shape for the day ahead.

Today, my plan is to spend time in meditation, and then go full-force ahead to make my day a success, refreshed in mind, body, and spirit.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I make it a point to stop for reflection before I go?
2. Have I been pushing myself to go, go, and keep going, to my own detriment?
3. When can I make time to my schedule for daily prayer and meditation?