I love my adult children as much today as I did when they were adorable little newborns.

I do my best to remain connected to my adult children even though they are living on their own now because my children are still important. I travel as far and as often as I can to see them.

Regardless of the distance between us, I am determined to be present in the lives of my adult children. I mail letters, cards, and goodies to them, making sure always to include a self-addressed stamped envelope to encourage them to write back.

I establish weekly phone dates with my adult children – a special time I have carved out in my schedule just for them.

Current technology makes it easy for me to stay in touch with my children. Not only can I call them over the phone and hear their voices, but with the use of a web camera, I can also see the faces of my children as we speak. I invest in all the technological tools that facilitate a close relationship.

Today, I choose to value my adult children enough to initiate contact with them. As I reach out in love, our relationship strengthens.

Self-Reflection Questions:

• What obstacles prevent me from interacting with my adult children? How can I overcome them?
• When is a good time to establish a weekly phone date with my kids?
• How does a phone call, email, or letter communicate love to my children?