I used to wonder how I could keep progressing toward all the things I wanted to accomplish. I now realize the importance of having life goals. When I have plans and work toward achieving them, I feel more connected to the adventure of life.

In order to continue working toward my life goals, I must stay focused on them. As each day goes by, I try to think of ways to keep my ambitions on my mind.

I imagine what my life may be like when I achieve my intentions. Thinking about the thrill of accomplishment helps me concentrate on my goals.

At night, just before going to sleep, I allow myself to wonder about what might happen if I were to accomplish one of my goals the next day. I go to sleep thinking about my intentions.

In the morning, I look intently at myself in the mirror. I consider my plans for the day and ponder what steps I can take today toward meeting my goals. I am encouraged by my efforts to keep my intentions in the forefront of my mind. The more focused I am, the more likely I am to move closer to my goals.

Today, I choose to focus on my life goals. I intend to list my ambitions, divide each one into mini-goals, and proceed with taking steps toward these plans every single day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are three goals I want to accomplish?
2. Do I stay focused on my intentions?
3. What can I do each day to maintain my focus on my goals?