When I speak to others I use gentle words with a soft tone of voice because my tone communicates my feelings just as much as my words. I speak politely so others will feel valued and respected by me.

The way I speak to others opens doors for me to develop new relationships. By choosing positive words, maintaining a friendly demeanor, and using a polite tone, I make others feel comfortable around me.

I use appropriate manners when I talk. When I ask for something, I always use the word “please” so that others know it is not a command but a request.

By giving thanks I express an appreciative heart. People enjoy doing things for me because of how I speak to them.

From my superiors at my work to the restaurant waiter, I speak politely to everyone. The way I speak is a reflection of who I am, not who I am speaking to.

I choose my words carefully and can control my tongue even when my temper is tested.

I listen to myself when I speak to remain aware of my tone toward others. I speak to others the way I want others to speak to me. Even when my gentle words are countered by negative attitudes, I remain polite.

Today, I go above and beyond the norm to be courteous. Valuing others helps me remember to speak in love at all times.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How polite am I when I speak?
2. What does the way I speak communicate about me?
3. Why is it important to use appropriate manners at all times?