I stay connected with my family members by all means available. I call on a regular basis just to ask how they are doing. I enjoy talking with them about what is happening in their lives.

When I speak to my relatives I refrain from making the conversation about me. Instead, I ask lots of questions about their lives because I am genuinely interested in what is going on with them.

I connect with my family members through social media. Even though relatives may live far away, social media has made it convenient for us to stay connected by sharing photos and day-to-day activities.

As much as I can, I attend special events for my family members. From high school graduations to weddings, I do my best to show my love and support by being present.

The young people in my family can count on me to be one of their biggest supporters. For those who live in a different city, I ask for a schedule so I can call to wish them good luck on special days.

I keep track of my relatives’ birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates. A simple phone call to let them know they were thought of is all it takes for me to brighten their day.

Today, I choose to value my family enough to stay informed about the things that matter to them. I embrace selflessness by making room for my relatives in my busy schedule because, after all, family is what matters most.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I keep track of my relatives’ special dates?
2. Which of my young family members can I call today to let them know they were on my mind?
3. What impact can my sincere interest in them have on my family?