I remove distractions from my environment by creating a workspace for myself that is conducive to productivity.

I keep electronic devices off and out of my reach when I need to focus on a task. If I need to work on an electronic device, I exit all games and applications that could potentially tempt me. By removing temptations from my sight, I increase my ability to focus.

At times, though, my surroundings are out of my control. At those times, I reach within my mind and find the strength to focus through will power. I know the importance of my work, therefore I value my time spent working.

My will to succeed is stronger than the lure of temptation. By thinking logically, I reveal to myself the truth behind temptation. There is no distraction worth deviating from my goals.

The temporary fulfillment of giving in to a distraction is counterfeit compared to the fulfillment of completing a task. My ability to focus lies on my determination, not on my environment.

I focus because I understand the worth of my labor, not because there is nothing else for me to do. When I focus deliberately, I am able to concentrate on the task at hand even when distractions surround me.

Today, I choose to rise above distractions by focusing deliberately on the task at hand. Through will power and self-respect, I stand firm against the trap of temporary fulfillment for true success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is my workspace conducive to productivity?
2. How can I focus in an environment filled with distractions?
3. Does succeeding in my tasks bring me fulfillment?