In my moments of weariness, I stop and remind myself that continuing in this state is destructive. I make time for rest because I know it benefits my entire being and enables me to produce better results afterwards.

At times, I may struggle with figuring out the solution to a technical problem at work. Then I recognize my failure to come to a solution is related to the fact that I am weary.

When I am weary, my focus and problem-solving skills waver. I know it is time to take a break when my natural instincts lose their sharpness.

I feel my mood and personality change when I am extremely tired. I can instantly tell when I need to take a break from others around me. I realize that if I want to maintain healthy relationships, I need to rest so I am not cranky with the people in my life.

I know I perform at a higher level when I am well-rested. I am more supportive, energetic, and personable when I take a break to cure my weariness. It is better for everyone – me and others, as well – to give my body the rest it needs.

Today, I vow to listen to what my body is telling me and pull the plug on operating on fumes. I commit to taking a break to rest when I really need it so I can function well and produce more positive results.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is my tolerance level higher when I am well-rested?
2. Is it enough to take a break when I am weary, or should I really be closing my eyes to sleep?
3. Do I let others know when I think they need a break?