Just as a painter envisions his masterpiece, I envision living my dreams. I know where I am going and how I plan to get there. The exact details of my journey, though, are yet to be filled in.

In my masterpiece, the big picture is outlined with my goals. I know that regardless of how the details pan out, the big picture will still be there. I plan my action steps for success just as the painter plans what colors he will use in the details.

Painters face many challenges in creating their masterpiece. What if a color comes out wrong? What can he do? Will he let it ruin his masterpiece, or will he paint over it with a color more in tune with his vision?

In the same way, when challenges arise, I can let them ruin my picture or I can devise a way to overcome them so I can still create a journey that is in tune with my goals.

I choose to look for solutions. Yes, some of the details may come out a bit differently than I plan, but that is part of the beauty of my masterpiece. The genius of creating a masterpiece allows for filling in the details as the picture emerges.

Today, I plan to outline my big picture on the canvas of my life, setting goals and priorities that will guide me in the creation of my masterpiece.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my goals and priorities?
2. Do I let my challenges ruin my picture?
3. How can I overcome a current challenge and get back to creating my masterpiece?