I take time to play with my children because they help me remember what is truly important in life and remind me to keep my priorities in line.

Children are able to achieve a level of happiness that often escapes adults. When I play with my children, I am reminded to slow down and truly experience the thrill of the moment, whether it involves chasing a butterfly or blowing soap bubbles or hitting a baseball over the back fence.

My children’s eagerness to learn and explore helps me stay in touch with my own inner self, with its inborn craving to learn and grow.

When I play with my children, I am reminded that there is far more to life than how much I earn or what kind of car I drive. The more time I spend surrounded by the innocent eagerness of children, the less any of that seems to matter.

I want to hang onto the eagerness and openness that I had when I was a child. I want to be so eager to learn that I can’t stop asking questions (even if, as an adult, I often have to try to answer them myself!).

I want to be so enthralled with the natural world that I can lose all track of time because I’m so absorbed in watching it unfold around me. I want to be so caught up in the moment that I experience life with my entire mind and all my senses.

While I do teach my children the skills they need to thrive as adults, they teach me just as much about staying connected with the best and truest part of myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I played with my children lately?
2. What have my children taught me about life?
3. What time can I set aside this week to play with my children?