I maintain eye contact while speaking to others.

When people speak to me, I maintain eye contact at all times. Making eye contact with the speaker communicates my interest not only in what they are saying but also in them as an individual.

I make others feel valued and important by maintaining eye contact during our conversations. Regardless of what is going on around us, I stay focused on the person with whom I am speaking.

If I feel my attention shifting, I choose to ask engaging questions, rather than look away. I am humble enough to set aside a few minutes just for each individual with whom I speak.

When talking with someone, there is no other place I would rather look than into his or her eyes. Those with whom I speak matter more to me than the walls, the ground, my phone, or anything else around me.

I am free from the fear that tempts me to withdraw eye contact because I am full of confidence. I am knowledgeable and worthy of other’s eye contact. I have nothing to hide because I am trustworthy. Having faith in myself empowers me to make eye contact

The way I attend to others while they speak makes an impression on them. My reputation as an honest person is growing because of the way I make others feel when I look into their eyes.

Today, I choose to maintain eye contact when I speak to others so that I convey an honest message of genuine interest. I know that when it is my turn to talk, they will return the courtesy, and again, we will both benefit.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How often do I maintain eye contact when I speak?
  2. How can I keep my eyes from wandering when I speak to someone?
  3. Why is eye contact important? What does it communicate about me?