I am confident that anything I can conceptualize, I can achieve. I have what it takes to work towards achieving an envisioned goal. I know that with the right combination of drive, intelligence and patience, anything is attainable.

My drive and focus are strong characteristics that help turn my dreams into reality. In the forefront of my mind, I continually play the story of my life after my vision turns into reality. Imagining such a joyful future strengthens my drive and keeps me in focus.

I am driven to seek ways to overcome my challenges. I feel more accomplished when I reach the end of a long and winding road and not just a mere walk in the park.

I know I have the smarts to make positive decisions on my way to achieving a goal. I have the intelligence to weigh my options and choose conscientiously.

Above all, I exercise patience in my goal setting. I know that in time, everything I set out to achieve is bound to be mine.

Today, I look for every opportunity to use my natural talents and abilities to turn my desires and visions into reality. I know I can do it and with that knowledge, half the battle is already won.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I spend time focusing on my goals?
2. How do I get myself back on track when I suffer doubt about my ability to succeed?
3. Are challenges keeping me from reaching my goals? How can I overcome them?