I encourage open communication.

I believe in the power of communication. When I open the door for discussion with others, situations get resolved much easier.

It is easier to prevent misunderstandings when I allow openness to prevail.

My coworkers and I have a good working relationship. I recognize that mutual respect makes our working relationship prosper. Whenever there are differences of opinion, my approach is always to suggest discussion.

I realize how easy it is for assumptions to damage relationships. Instead of assuming, my approach is to ask questions. I know that I am unable to read the minds of others, so it is best if I ask about whatever I want to know.

Sometimes others say hurtful things when emotions are high. My first instinct is to feel offended. But I remind myself that the other person deserves a chance to explain their view.

I allow some time to pass for the other person to calm down. That is when I make my approach to discuss how I feel about their comments. I know that even if my expressions are brushed aside, it is still my responsibility to forgive.

My arms are always wide open to others. I know it is better for relationships to be healed than be allowed to break down.

Today, I embrace the power of honest communication and my relationships prosper as a result.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I always honest when it comes to expressing my feelings?
  2. Do I ever feel resentful towards others without giving them the benefit of the doubt?
  3. Do I encourage my children to talk through situations with each other?