I can be open to others’ views without being a pushover.

I embrace participation in every area of my life and I acknowledge the input of others and place much emphasis on their points of view.

I believe that collective participation creates stronger teams and more effective forces in any situation.

Even though I consider the opinions of others, I know that my own point of view is also sound. I am willing and able to stand behind my views while respecting the views of the others involved.

I can look at each stance objectively and weigh the merits of each in any particular situation.

I enjoy interaction in the same way I enjoy opposition. Both give me the chance to be confident in my point of view and develop the skills to stand out.

When I encounter difficult situations where people are trying to trample my self-esteem, I respectfully give them their three minutes of fame. At the first chance I get, I rebut and stand firm without losing my composure. I believe that such an approach earns me the respect of others.

Today, my journey towards self-acceptance and acknowledgement of my worth continues.

I believe in myself and know that I am an intelligent, beautifully created human being. My story is written to include my opinion, and I commit to sharing that with the world every chance I get.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I feel stressed in the midst of emotionally charged disagreements?
  2. Am I willing to admit when another person’s perspective is more valid than mine?
  3. Do I feel that conceding to someone’s view equates to being a pushover?