I approach disagreements with an open mind.

I am a realist. I accept the fact that disagreements are a part of life, regardless of how sunny and bright I try to make life for myself and everyone around me. Each one of us is unique, and that, in itself, is enough to make differences of opinion inherent in daily life.

I am proud of my ability to achieve a successful outcome from any conversation. I approach discourse with an open mind.

I realize that the more ammunition I enter the battlefield with is the more resistance I can expect from others.

My approach at the onset is to recognize the differing viewpoints. I respect the uniqueness of others and refrain from taking a stance of superiority. This approach makes me a successful negotiator.

Others let their guards down when they realize I approach them without hostility or aggression. So even if they are upset, they are more willing to participate civilly when they sense my open mind.

Today, my aim is to leave any disagreements with inner peace and satisfaction. I know I can always feel like a winner if I go in with an open mind.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Is it always easy for me to overlook the ignorance of others?
  2. How do I react when an emotional curveball is thrown my way?
  3. How do I respond when the other party refuses to meet me halfway?